What is a Menstruation Cup?

The menstruation cup is the newest trend on the menstrual hygiene market and a cheap and enviromentally friendly alternative to the previous products as tampons or sanitary towels. 

In contrast to tampons and sanitary towels, the menstruation cup does not soak th blood, but collect it and thereby protects your vaginal flora. You can dispose the blood, wash out the cup and reuse it again. Depending on the bleeding, you can wear the cup up to 4-12 hours.

FemaCup® is a quality product made in Germany out of certified, medical silicone and is free of plasticizer (BPA etc.). Also the used raw materials are from local dealers. So we are able to guarantee the highest safety and compatibility of the product.


What you have to consider for the first use?

  • Before the very first insertion you should boil the cup for ca. 8-10 min.
  • Afterwards wash it out with a PH-adjusted soap
  • When the day has come, please wash your hands thoroughly and clean the cup again with water and pH-adjusted soap.

How to use the FemaCup®

You can fold the FemaCup® in different ways. It´s on you which one you chose. More about that in the next step.

For easy insert put some lubricant (water based) on the rim. Go into a squat position or put one leg on the rim of the toilet or the bath. It´s the same process as with a tampon. Insert the cup towards the coccyx till the stipe won´t stick out anymore. The cup won´t be inserted as deep as a tampon, but should be positioned in a way that it is comfortable to wear and you don´t feel it.

To check the underpressure, pull slightly on the cup. If it doesn`t move, you have the underpressure. Just as using a tampon for the first time, als the FemaCup® needs a little bit of practice. Do not despair if you have problems in the beginning. With a little bit of practice, the FemaCup® will soon be a great attender. In case of any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact +49(0) 151 143 07 296. Our consulting will be pleased helping you.






How to Remove the FemaCup®

  •  Before removing the cup please wash your hands with water and soap
  • Go into a squat position or put one leg on the toilet rim. Grab into your vagina with two fingers which you have cleaned before, hold the lower rim and push in a little to ventilate the underpressure
  • Now press, by the help of your pelvic floor, and pull down the cup slowly
  • Dispose the menstrual fluid into the toilet and clean your cup with water and pH-adjusted soap

Clean and Care the FemaCup®

  • After your period bleeding you should clean the cup in boiling water as for the first use
  • After that please wash the cup with water and pH-adjusted soap and store it in your storage bag (not sealed airtight)
  • Please do not use any strong detergents, bleachers or substances on oil-basis (tea-tree oil etc.) and do not clean the FemaCup® into the dishwasher